March 19, 2016

Looking for a good lunch spot in the Financial District that will keep everyone happy, from your big group of friends or your coworkers? Make sure Cafe de Boston is on your radar. It's a big space with multiple stations, from salad station to prepared food buffet to other stations making pizza, pasta, crepes, sandwiches, and many more. There are desserts of all manners, coffee drinks, free wifi and power outlets at plenty of the seats in the cafe section!

The owner had a couple other Middle Eastern restaurants in downtown Boston, so one of the most popular items at Cafe de Boston is the kebabs - from lamb shish kebab to chicken kofte kebab, which you can get both as a wrap and a plate. This restaurant is also actually halal, they do not use any pork - even the ham is made of turkey.

The menu for the hot buffet rotates. You might find falafels, hummus, chicken wings. There is always something for everyone, no matter what your food restriction is.

Since I'm indecisive and greedy, I got all kinds of stuff on my plate .. I got falafel and corn fritter, I got an excellent muhammara, a Turkish hot pepper dip. I got the salmon, quinoa, and the walnut apple salad.

The other bloggers tried the pasta station ..

and the savory crepe which was the size of a giant burrito.

Part of the things I liked at Cafe de Boston are their DIY smoothie and greek yogurt bars!
You can create your own smoothie by filling it up from the smoothie bar - frozen blueberries, bananas, mint, cucumber, etc. Then you choose your base (orange juice, milk, etc) and they will blend your personal smoothie!

I put strawberries, banana, blueberries, and mint in mine with some orange juice.

I didn't try the self-serve greek yogurt bar this time but I'm looking forward to it next time!

Of course, because of the Mediterranean background of the owner and chef, Cafe de Boston has great baklava.

Don't miss their Turkish coffee - this small cup of Turkish coffee was strong and delicious! I am definitely coming back for this. It's hard to find a proper cup of Turkish coffee and it's even better here since I can have it with a lot of dessert options and wifi ...

Not just baklava, they also fly macarons from Paris ..

... and chocolate dipped strawberries.

Cafe de Boston has been open for 5 years and is one of those places you've probably walked by multiple times but perhaps never gone in. Next time, go in. I was surprised at the quality of the food here, and it's easy to have a group lunch here since everyone can find something they would like. PS. If you want to eat on a budget, after 2:30 PM everything on their self-serve buffet, pizza, and soup stations are 30% off!

Cafe de Boston is also committed to using local produce for their salad bar.