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SEPTEMBER 13, friday


1. Lemon Chicken Rice Soup —- G.F. & D.F.
2. Creamy Butternut Squash Soup —- Vegetarian
3. Split Pea Soup w/Turkey Ham —- D.F.
4. Clam Chowder
5. Minestrone Soup —- Vegan


SEPTEMBER 13, friday

hot entrees at the buffet

1. Meatballs w/ Marinara Sauce —- D.F.
2. Indian Chicken Makhani
3. Roasted Salmon
4. Fried Tilapia
5. Mediterranean Pasta —- Vegetarian
6. Yellow Rice —- Vegan & G.F.

Cafe de Boston has won the Green Marketing Award in the 2018 Green Restaurant Awards!

Café de Boston has decals on almost all of their windows, multiple posters outlining their energy, water, and waste savings, the Certified Green Restaurant®logo on their uniforms, and much more!emonL